Our Service staff is Factory trained and up-to-date on maintaining your bike and knowing how to assist you with accessorizing it. Our team is experienced in what it takes to keep your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in top shape. Both of our Service facilities have a secure indoor bike storage area so that, with the exception of the test ride and the trip home after service, your motorcycle never goes outside. Send a Service Appointment request (below) or Call ahead for an appointment and one of our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.

Free Base Line Dyno Runs Every Saturday December 1st through February!!          
The Dynamometer allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems. By simulating the best "seat-of-the-pant" road testing right in the shop, problems are easily diagnosed.The "Dyno" is perfect for engine break-in, durability testing and fuel injection mapping. Have your bike running at its best. Come by and see what the "Dyno" can do for you.